Online Surveys Help Determine Favorite Halloween Candy

The average person, adult or child, eats 24 pounds of candy per year and a lot of that is scarfed down on Halloween – today! Just do the math on this and you’ll quickly realize that our sugar-buzzed society Contemporary Home Plans eats billions and billions of pounds of candy confections over the course of 365 days. The manufacturer of one Halloween treat, candy corn, pumps out 9 billion kernels of the bite-sized treat per annum.
If your mouth is watering and your mind is wandering, you may be interested to know what some of the favorite candy bars Americans enjoy are. According to , the top three candy bars in our culture are Hershey’s, Snickers, and Twix. They didn’t How Much Does It Cost To Level A Backyard come up with the top three in a super scientific way, such as an online survey with a large sample; instead their methodology was to troll through a large number of internet sites and online discussion forums to be persuaded by the buzz.
As a fan of most types of candy, it’s hard to disagree with their picks. However, there is a much more objective way of figuring out America’s favorite candy – and that’s surveying the population! When you sign up to take paid surveys and free surveys at various survey sites, you may be invited to participate in a survey on candy. Your opinions about what types of candy you prefer, how much you spend, and who in your family eats candy all help major manufacturers decide just how to stock store shelves to suit demand.
Occasionally, there are other market research projects about candy in addition to online surveys. Your taste buds are certain to be happy when invited to participate in a product sample on candy; these can take place in-person like a blind taste-testing or you could be sent coupons to try the product at home. We can’t speak for every online survey, product sample or market research study, but you often be rewarded with incentives for participating – this cold include coupons, free products and even cash!

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