Pet Furniture to Match Your Decor

Although you love your dog, you may not love your dog’s bed. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for many pet lovers that most pet furniture just isn’t designed to mesh well with modern home decor. Dog beds, dog crates and other dog gear may be made out of utilitarian, but unattractive materials that make you want to move it all into the closet whenever you have company.
Fortunately, more and more pet furniture designers are coming up with new and improved patterns and designs that allow you to proudly display your dogs bed, pet stairs, crate and food dishes without Master Bedroom Decor Ideas being ashamed of the tacky patterns or too-bright colors. Today’s designers are utilizing streamline styles and neutral colors to create pet furniture that meshes well with a variety of home decors.
Both high end and low end designers are feeling the demand for attractive pet furniture. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the trendy looks you see in magazines.
Some example of products which have been re-designed to blend with home d?�cor are end table dog crates and entertainment center crates or dog houses. No more ugly dog crates sitting in your living room. These styles are designed so beautifully that they fall more into the home furniture category than the pet gear category. Want alternatives to that kitty litter box that you hate seeing every time you go into your bathroom? Enter the kitty washroom bench that hides the box and helps control the smell. Even dog stairs and other all around pet gear have changed to become less intrusive and more stream lined.
Don’t settle for a look you’re not happy with. Find dog beds made in fabrics that will accent your living room furniture. A dog throw to protect your sofa can look like a real throw blanket, but have the added features of a waterproof Click And Grow First Generation pad and a dog hair resistant fabric. Get your dog stairs and crate covers to match and a wooden storage box for all the dog’s toys and smaller stuff. Having a dog does not mean your home will be cluttered with pet stuff.
To find pet furniture and pet items that will help you stay organized and that matches your home’s decor, you can visit any pet store or mass merchant for a variety of neutral styles that will blend beautifully in any home. You can also shop online for an even larger selection of the styles you want and love. Finally, both you and your dog can be happy with well made, stylish pet furniture!

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