Raising the Bed to Create More Storage

Small bedrooms can be more difficult to organize than larger rooms, and closet space can be a valuable commodity that quickly gets used up before everything is stored effectively. For that reason, finding creative storage spaces is critical, or you wind up with a cluttered mess that is difficult to navigate when you need to find something. Raising the bed to create more storage is a great idea for many people, and it provides a constructive means of making the most of the space that you have for storing things.
Safety Contemporary Home Plans First!
It may be tempting to use boxes or crates to hold the bed up for additional storage, but this can be hazardous at best. Your bed could easily fall, often at the most inopportune time, creating a situation that could pose serious Small Living Room Table Sets safety hazards for whoever is in the bed at the time. It is much better to be safe than sorry in this case, and you can get much more storage space from a pre-manufactured kit or even a do-it-yourself bed raising kit.
Choosing The Best Method
Those with little or no experience, or with little help, should probably stick to something simple to avoid potential problems. A great many retailers offer pre-made kits that are simple to assemble and install for even the more hardware-challenged homeowners. You can find the kits in traditional home improvement stores or via many online storage and/or organization websites, with the option for quick home delivery.
To find out what works best for you, use resources such as the Internet or home improvement specialists to help you decide how much storage you need. Most kits are based on the size of your bed, and come in twin, full, and queen size. Others are designed for to provide for simpler alterations and allow the bed to be lifted a few inches using the bed posts/supports. The choice you make depends on your needs and your budget.
Assembly and Installation
It is critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling any kit, to prevent errors or unsafe conditions. That said, most kits require only simple attachment to the legs of the bed, with often only a quick snap in place before the process is complete. These will give you a few inches of extra storage, which can be the boost that you need to add a rolling under-bed storage cart, under-bed drawers, and similar storage options.
You can gain up to a foot of storage space with simple risers that attach to the legs of the bed, and this is the most popular choice for organization experts. Then, you can utilize a host of other storage options that make sense for the items that you need to store, often without spending a lot of money. When you take this route, you get the most value out of your time and your money, with little hassle or effort required in assembly and/or installation.

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