Shower Seats For Safety and Convenience

Shower seats can be a handy addition to a home’s shower area, regardless of whether the person is handicapped, elderly, or even able-bodied. These handy devices can make it much easier to take a shower, especially if the person is unsteady on their feet Indian Garden Sculpture or needs a bit of extra support. These seats can mean the difference between a person being able to take a shower independently and requiring the help of another person. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit many different needs.
Styles of Shower Seats
There are many different kinds of shower seats, ranging from small and convenient fold down models to much larger free-standing seats that provide ample space and which can support large amounts of weight. Some of these seats are designed simply as a place to sit down in the shower so that washing can be safer and more convenient. Others are designed as a transfer bench, and can be used by individuals who are handicapped and need extra assistance in order to use the shower safely. If you are purchasing a shower seat for use by a handicapped person, you’ll want to make sure it includes features that meet the exact needs of the person, and choosing one that is ADA approved is generally your best bet. These seats can vary widely in regards to construction, so you should carefully assess the person’s needs before purchasing one.
Features to Look For
Safety and stability are of the utmost importance for the person using a shower seat. While simple fold-down models can be convenient, they are not always adequate for every person’s needs. Be sure to check the weight limits for the seat, to make sure it can safely support the weight of the person using the seat. If the seat is free-standing, adjustable legs can be useful to help match the height of the seat to the height of the user. If the legs are adjustable, you’ll want to make sure that they lock securely in place so that the adjustable feature doesn’t slip while in use. For extra support, choose a model that has a back and arms. This can provide stability while taking a shower, and can be helpful for getting in and out of the seat. However, Indian House Design Plans Free in some cases seat arms can actually get in the way. If this is the case, select a seat that has a simple flat bench or seat design, so that the person can slide easily onto it without being restricted by arms. The ends of the legs should be non-slip, and some even have suction cups for added stability. A padded seat can offer a lot more comfort, especially for those who may be bedridden and have sensitive skin as a result. A seat designed with a U-shape can make personal hygiene in the shower much easier, as it can be difficult to cleanse some areas of the body on a solid seat. Some seats are also designed as an L-shaped bench, which can be helpful in larger shower areas, especially if the person needs assistance while showering.

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