Simple Ways to Remove Warts

Trying to remove warts can be frustrating especially when you do not get the results you hoped for or they reappear Cleaning Tips For Kitchen a few weeks after you got rid of them. Below I have listed same home remedies I have tested myself:
1. Apple cider vinegar. Dip your wart in apple cider vinegar and let it stay there for about 20 minutes twice a day. Repeat this until the wart disappears. Personally I started to see results in about 2 weeks.
2. Rubbing raw potato slices on the wart helps to remove them. Apply slices on the infected area several times a day. Two weeks or so should be enough to Cleaning House Meaning completely remove your warts. In a variation of this remedy you should apply the potato slice to the wound tape it there and leave it there overnight.
3. Crushed garlic has also provided me with great results. Rubbing crush garlic on your warts three or four times a day should remove your warts completely in a month or so.
4. Using duct tape to remove warts is also surprisingly efficient. It may hurt a bit and it may also remove some hairs, but the results are worth it.
What you must remember is that warts are contagious so avoid picking or touching them unless absolutely necessary. These home remedies have offered me the results I longed for and are extremely cheap to use. However, before deciding what method to use you should make sure you are aware of all your allergies so that you do not experience anything unpleasant.

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