The Basics of Static Insurance

It may be that time of year again – the time to think about your caravan and renew your static insurance.

Perhaps in the past you may have tended towards the convenience route of just buying insurance for your static caravan from the site owners. You may have:

A� just preferred to do it this way because it was the easiest option;

A� believed that you have no real option – that if you wanted to have your static caravan based at that particular site then you had to buy their static insurance.

So what may cause you to change your routine this year? You may:

have been talking with some other static caravan owners about Vegetables And Herbs how much they pay for the insurance for their static;

have seen some offers for static home insurance cover at prices Bedroom Arrangement App that seemed to be less than you are currently paying;

realised that your circumstances may have changed, making your current insurance less appropriate;

have decided to move your static to another location;

have decided it was time for a change.

The reason you are looking doesn’t really matter.

What is important, however, is that you may very well be able to find static caravan insurance online that may be cheaper than that on offer from the site owners. That’s even if they decide to charge you a fee for their administration of your own policy.

The trouble with any situation where you believe you have no choice is that there may be very little incentive for anyone to offer competitive prices. That could apply equally to the company you may have been going to year after year without really giving it too much thought, as well as to the site owners and their insurance.

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There’s choice out there for your static insurance. You may be able to change for the better. What’s stopping you?