The Fireplace Mantel – The Focal Point of the Room

The Fireplace Mantel is hands down the most important part of the room.  It is the focal point of the room. The fireplace is the first thing people will see when they enter the room. This is why when decorating or designing the room Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening all other decisions as far as style and color should be based off the fireplace.  The materials used to make the fireplace mantel and the finish of the mantel need to be decided before making any furniture or accessories purchases.
Before choosing a fireplace mantel, think about the desired style of the room.  This is crucial to assure that the room has a complete feel. All other decisions and purchases will be made based on the style of the room. Be sure the furniture, colors and style of the fireplace and fireplace mantel complement each other in order to accomplish the pulled together look.
If decorating a living room or family room a more casual style would make more sense and a simpler shelf type mantel would be a better fit. For a sitting room with a traditional style, a stone or marble surrounding mantel would be a good choice. The surrounding mantel is quite large. It goes from the floor up, around the top of the fireplace and down again to the floor on the other side of the fireplace. Since this is more than Exterior Home Design Ranch Style just a simple shelf, the surrounding mantel is best suited for a large room. When looking for something not so big and in the middle price range, veneer stone is a great material for a moderate fireplace. Since veneer stone is not the actual real stone, it is less expensive. Although it is not the real thing, the veneer stone has the appearance of real stone. This is a great choice for a living room or family room fireplace.
The last design choice to be made is that of the color of the mantel. If wood is used, paint or stain will need to be applied to the wood. Common choices of paint are white or black. If going the stain route there are a vast array of finishes. In addition to the stain, multiple coats of varnish will need to be applied. If stone is chosen there will be a wide variety of colors within the stone which may make matching curtains or furniture to the stone a challenge. Whether choosing stone or wood, there is a color choice to be made. This is extremely important as this will have a drastic impact on the room.

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