The Real Estate Market Is Officially Hot!

I have been noticing since January that a lot of buyers are coming out of the woodwork and off of the fence to buy a home with the still very low prices (compared to the good ole days of pre-2008) and crazy low interest rates. Inventory for homes is extremely low right now. Homes that come on the market that Home Decor Ideas Pinterest are priced right are getting multiple offers. Even a few of the homes that are listed just a tad high (a tad high, not high) are getting really good and strong offers and sometimes multiple offers, although the offers are not at or over list price if the list price is too high to begin with for the home.
There is a lot of competition at every level it seems, whether it be an investment property or a type of home for an owner occupied situation. The low end is going very fast and lots of offers, many all cash offers. For the mid range homes, the same holds true. And, even for the higher ranged homes, the same situation. And, even in the $1million and up range there are many all cash buyers for that market. Multi-residential units are also very hot, ie duplexes and fourplexes.
The first quarter of the year historically is the hot market time and the same is holding true for 2012. The good news is that this market keeps the overall Free Garden Landscape Quote market stable, which is good for the majority, especially the homeowners that need value stability for their investment and the place they call home.
I don’t have a crystal ball for the future and not sure if this trend will continue, and if it does, for how long, but it seems to be a good time to sell, for those that have been considering selling their home. My advertising and marketing strategy is extremely above and beyond the industry, which is why my listings sell quickly and at top dollar and best terms.
For those owners in the market to sell, I highly recommend staging your home and having the best possible pictures to achieve top dollar. Staging and pictures are just so important to show a home well and in it’s best possible light, especially since practically all agents and buyers will see the home via pictures on the internet first before seeing it in person. And, if the pictures are shabby, buyers may eliminate the home just based on what they see on the internet. It amazes me how some owners and/or agents sell their home, some with no pictures, or only a picture of the front; some where the home is really dirty, dingy, and messy; agents that don’t properly market the home and do not utilize the technology that is needed for our beloved Silicon Valley area; agents and sellers that don’t give proper advertising and marketing wording to bring out the perks of the home. It’s just amazing to me.
For you sellers, a home can never be too clean…clean, clean, clean your home and make it shine! It is a major turn off to walk into a dirty and messy home that smells rotten. And, buyers will deduct in value for a home such as this, even though it may just need a scrub down and some air freshener. And, do the little things that add a lot. There are a number of inexpensive things that can be done to bring up the value in a home to just simply show better, ie flowers for color, fresh paint on the trim, clean the walls, new fixtures, just many little things that really can add to the look and appeal of a home.
For more tips about selling or any questions you may have about selling your home for top dollar, call or email me and I’d be happy to help!

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