The Ubiquitous Console Table

Apparently understated as a furniture piece, this is the most versatile. Apart from being multipurpose and omnipresent, not so apparently a console table lives up to its name in the truest sense. It provides comfort and convenience in everyday life, besides lending a style inimitable to every How To Make A Small Bedroom Work home. There is no particular shape, size, design or style assigned to such a table. It assumes its form based on the purpose it serves and where it is to be placed. Depending upon the aesthetic sense of the owner, it is generally designed to blend in with furnishings in its proximity.
Generally placed in foyers or entrances, a console table is a perfect for placing mail, keys, handbags, hats or other items as one walks in through the door. Additionally it may be used as an accent table to hold decorative items, flower vases or even a coffee table book. A mirror above it with key holders enables one to check appearance when exiting and pick up times one does not wish to forget. A console table in the dining room can serve as a side-board or serving table. Replacing the dresser in the bedroom, a console table can be converted to a desk in the home office.
Basically defined as a smooth flat topped piece of furniture, a console table is a fixture attached to a wall supported either by one or more vertical legs. They can be long, short, narrow, wide, rectangular, semi-circular and even conical depending upon availability of space. It can Click And Grow Refills even be self-standing placed against a wall, used alone or placed behind a sofa or a love-seat. As a peg table, a console can hold decorative lamps, candles, greens or a few tall accessories to provide correct lighting effect add height to the area or create a visual partition.
Available in a variety of styles, a console table can even be created at home. Generally hand crafted, console tables are most durable with unmatched quality. Taking on beautiful designs and wonderful colours to blend in with the furnishings in its vicinity, they can assume the form ranging from a period piece to a contemporary nature. Available in traditional oak wood or cherry tree wood, style and utility are synonymous with these sturdy tables and are a perfect addition to any room in one’s house; office, parlour, hospital, clubs, inns, hotels, etc. Their universal appeal, presences and need has earned it its rightful title as a piece of furniture and as in interior design statement.

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