Three Score and Ten

No, not three score years and 10 per the biblical reference.A� I’m talking about hours.A� This is the minimum number of hours I used to work between Monday and Friday most weeks.A� Between Monday and Friday, so it doesn’t include the couple hours here and there over the weekend.A� Is it any wonder that one day I had to stop and ask myself “Can you really go on like this”?
I have to confess that during one particularly traumatic period, I was so exhausted that I just wanted to sleep where I stood.A� Or maybe have a little weep in the corner.A� It was a stress and fatigue the like of which I hadn’t experienced before and I’m glad to say I haven’t since.
The culmination of this period was a very successful financial year end, a record growth in sales figures and personally, a very rewarding bonus.A� I also had the satisfaction of seeing my team, who had also worked so very hard, achieve their goals and gain their financial rewards too.A� But at what cost?
I had ended that final quarter in company HQ in mainland Europe and as I sat on the plane waiting to take off, it all hit me.A� I was suddenly exhausted and filled with an overwhelming emotion.A� It was just as well I was travelling on my own as I was incapable of speech for the entire flight.A� I was worn out and took the majority of the next month off as vacation to recover.
It was whilst on vacation with my family that I had to review the highs and lows of the past six months or so, as the pressures of work became more intense.A� That I’d handled the pressure and achieved great things was beyond doubt.A� The problem was that in doing so I’d neglected my family and it had been going on for some time as I’d moved on in my career and climbed the corporate ladder.A� I’d like to be able to say especially my children, but the fact is I left my wife to run the house and to deal with the boys and I was returning home each weekend fit for nothing.A� I was tired, short-tempered and generally not too much fun to be around.
Added to this, the constant travel, living in hotels and food on the run, coupled with no energy at the weekends meant my health suffered.A� The eat what you can, when you can approach and lack of exercise meant my weight was getting way above what was comfortable.A�
My wife wasn’t overly appreciative that I’d left her to do it all, even though the income helped soften the blow, although my children were actually very supportive and understanding.A� The problem was, the boys were growing up fast and I was missing their childhood.A� These charming young guys were the reason I was doing it all and yet I wasn’t there for them.A� And worst of all?A� I knew I could never get that time back.A� Ever.
I had to make some decisions around priorities.A� I’d finished the corporate year on a massive high note and I decided that now was a good time to hand the baton to someone else.A� I’d taken it as far as I wanted to and now another up and comer could take the reins and inject their fresh energy in to the business.A� But what next for me?A� I took some time out, worked a few short term contracst and was eventually tempted back in to another corporate role.A� And so it started again.A� Within a very short time I was travelling to the US and Europe and spending more and more time away from home.
Fortunately within six months I had a reality check and resigned the role.A� Nothing was worth the sacrifice of being away from my family.A� There had to be another way to Balcony Shelter Ideas earn the type of money that was required to service our requirements, but to also gain more time at home.A� So I set about finding out how I could achieve that balance.
The first thing I did to ensure cash flow was secure myself a contract where I was working an average of 3 days per week as a sales consultant.A� Whilst doing this I sought other freelance business as a sales and business coach which after a slow start, began to take shape.A� I then hit a bit of a problem as there was only one of me and it was getting to the point where I was required to be in two places at once!
I made the decision, albeit a slightly risky one, to let the part-time contract go.A� It was holding me back and I needed to free myself up to seek further coaching opportunities.A� Of course, I was soon back to square one in that I could only scale to the power of one!
I put my thinking cap on and eventually, following painstaking research, identified some home based business opportunities that I felt were in line with my own values and goals.A� My main focus is in personal development now.A� Over time, my home based business needed more of my focus and I have been able to scale back outbound coaching work in a controlled manner to keep the cash flow steady.
I am now only a short way from completely replacing my income through this great business and for the most part I am able to work from home and see my children grow up.A� My eldest son, who has just turned 11, turned to me just yesterday and said he loves that I now work from home as he gets to see me every evening at bedtime and every morning when he wakes.
That alone makes it all worthwhile, for me anyway.A� So if you’re in a similar position to that which I was in, there is hope!A� A word of caution though, and that is that there are lots of schemes out there and many tempting offers seemingly offering easy cash.A� Like me, you Cheap Landscaping Near Me will need to do your own due diligence and I’m sure you will find something which is a good fit for you, your family and your personal values.A� I’ve chosen to take the long term view and have invested in a lifestyle choice.A� I truly hope you find what you are looking for.

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