Tips On How To Identify Fine Furniture

Furniture comes in all shapes and styles from beautiful hardwood pieces, to luxuriously upholstered pieces but the shopper who wants well constructed and durable furniture will have a number of standards they use to identify fine furniture. How to identify fine furniture may seem more difficult than it actually is when faced with a showroom full of pieces of varying styles and construction. However there are some very easy ways to tell when furniture is quality and intended to endure and when it is more cheaply constructed.
One of the first details to examine on fine wood furniture in order to separate it from similar less well made pieces is the wood grain. Woods used for excellent House Designs Plans Pictures quality furnishings are carefully selected for aesthetics as well as durability. While simulated wood grain veneers and coatings exist they are easily detected.
While fine wood furniture may have a very thin wood veneer applied to the base, the difference is that the wood veneer will lay over a hardwood base in the case of quality wood furniture. Less well made pieces may have veneers applied to a fiberboard, or pressed wood base and will not be as sturdy or durable as quality wood veneer furniture.
A basic wooden chair is comprised of four legs, a back, structural supports and seating. However, the difference between high quality pieces and less well made furniture is easily apparent because attention is placed equally upon beauty and durability with quality furniture and the method of joining these pieces is usually invisible.
Well made and finely crafted furniture such as a wooden coffee table will have the joints disguised so that nothing mars the graceful lines of the table and the attention paid to disguising joints can usually only be seen by lifting Garden Decorate up the table and seeing the cleverly hidden inset dowels or screws. If glue as well as doweling or screws are used to secure seams it will be invisible with quality furniture and the seams will match perfectly and not gape.
Not all quality furniture is strictly wood, upholstered well crafted furniture has certain features that will make it last and ensure it is comfortable. These small differences are not always apparent at a glance and it may require asking the store salesman about the details. For instance, the frame of an upholstered quality sofa will be a strong hardened wood, not softwood which will warp and sag over time.
Most upholstered furniture used for seating such as love seats, sofas or recliners will also have a spring system with padding over it to help provide a more comfortable seat. A basic set of springs is relatively inexpensive but most quality furniture will have the 8-way hand tied spring system which is more expensive and time consuming to make but provides a very comfortable seat. Consult furniture stores Calgary for more detailed information.
When checking wood furniture for quality signal of a quality piece is the weight of the furniture. Fine furniture is substantial because good hardened wood is heavy and that is one of the easiest ways to determine if a piece is constructed of good materials.
Looking into a furniture store through the window, it is probable that every piece of furniture in sight seems to be fine furniture. However upon closer inspection the quality furniture will stand out because of the attention paid to every single step in the construction.

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