Turn Your Enclosed Porch From Drab to Fab in 5 Easy Steps

Your porch can be more than a rusting, messy outdoor space. In fact, your porch can and should be a representation of your style and your home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or you’re spending family time together, your porch should be more than just space. Here are five tips on how to transform your enclosed porch.
Clutter No More
No one knows how it happens really, but one morning, you wake up and your porch isn’t what it used to be. From cobwebs to piles of old magazines, the clutter makes it impossible to see any sort of design theme. But even the most cluttered porches have potential. Begin by stripping Architectural Designs For Houses away the non-essentials of the space. You may even need to go as far as stripping the paint off of old floorboards and tossing out out-dated fixtures and furniture. Giving your porch a good-old fashioned scrubbing may the first step to revitalizing your outdoor area.
Eye to Eye
Not only is your porch an expression of your unique designing taste, it should serve as a precursor to the stylistic choices of your home. To accomplish this, take note of the design choices you have already made inside your home. Color options and themes should be easily recognizable. Replicate these choices by choosing paints, wood stains and decorative items that enhance the continuity of your home’s style.
Have A Seat
The furniture you choose for your porch’s makeover may just be the most important part of the overhaul. Furniture should be both comfortable and stylish. Leftover, unwanted home furniture may detract from the viability of your porch. For a fresh, modern, and relaxed look, wicker furniture is one of the most cost-effective options. Wicker furniture made from high quality resin is not only durable and weather resistant, making it perfect for outdoor endeavors, it is also stylish and contemporary, leaving room for comfort and flexibility.
Can You Say Garden Decor Diy Green?
Unfortunately, many enthusiastic porch remodelers forget all about the soothing effect that adding a little green can have. From hanging plants to trailing vines to flower pots, porch plants can lend a homey, luscious feel to your porch. For those who aim for a more edgy or unique porch design, exotic or tropical plants may be just what you need to catch the eye or hold the interest of your guests. Even the use of herbs and seasonings such as rosemary and basil, not only add green to your design, but create pleasant aromas for those late evening get-togethers.
Seeing The Light
Every production needs lighting, and your porch is no different. The lights that you choose can either detract or enhance the look of your porch at night. Candlelight and outdoor fireplaces add subtle warmth to your outdoor space, while lanterns and hanging lamps may add a bit more flare. For those who seek a modern, edgy look, strategically placed colored lights can change the entire landscape of your enclosed porch.
While you add finishing touches to your porch, remember that simplicity is always better than an overly complex design. It is important that your porch be designed from the ground up, and that you take every choice into consideration, from paint, to wicker furniture, to the plants that will call your porch home. With a little inspiration and these simple tips, you can turn your porch from drab to fab in no time.

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