Tuscan Style Budget Decorating

Are you attracted to rugged, simple design when home decorating? If so, you should look into the Tuscan style of home decor. Inspired by nature, Home Interior Designer Salary Tuscan style home decorating is enjoying a resurgence in popularity throughout the United States, particularly in southern states such as Texas.
Tuscan decorating is inspired by natural elements such as stone, iron, marble and water. Combining simplicity with comfort, Bedroom Ideas Pinterest this style of home decorating can transform a room into a peaceful sanctuary and will instantly make visitors feel at home.
When selecting colors for Tuscan style home decorating, stick to earth tones such as green, brown, blue and gold. Materials commonly used include natural wood, iron and marble. The overriding theme in all Tuscan decorating is simplicity-furniture and other accessories must appear used and comfortable, not new and flashy.
When decorating interior walls in the Tuscan style, use soft, natural colors. Tones such as white and gray can work well. If you are looking for some added texture, consider options such as venetian plaster. Tuscan style decorating originated in Tuscany, Italy. Therefore, choosing to accent your home with Italian products such as olives, grapes, pottery and wine can be a great idea. Remember to stick to products that have a natural, worn feel to them as opposed to hi-tech modern decorations. Accessories should feel natural and simple, comfortable and inviting. This simplicity is at the heart of Tuscan style home decorating-and is a big reason for its popularity. In our fast paced world, simplicity and comfort are virtues to cherish!
Other options for Tuscan style home decorating include deep set windows, stone or brick walkways and driveways, tile or marble floors, roman arches, and side bay windows. Cypress trees are a great choice for your landscape as well! For your kitchen, use open cabinets and remember to prominently display your favorite Italian spices. A wooden rectangular family-sized table is also an essential element to every Tuscan themed home!
Given the fast pace of modern life, it’s not surprising that families across the country are choosing Tuscan style decorating for their homes. The warmth and stability that radiate from a Tuscan home are both soothing and welcoming. And with our modern reliance on technology, it’s a refreshing change to be surrounded by the natural colors and materials that make up any Tuscan home. Whether you’re a seasoned interior decorator or a first time homeowner just looking for some ideas, the Tuscan them offers unparalleled simplicity, comfort and warmth for you, your family and your guests.

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