Unique Bedding Ideas

It’s spring time, and not only is it time for cleaning, it’s time to give your room a makeover. For a room to look instantly clean, it has to have little to no clutter. Finding storage for your shoes is a good start. If you have a spacious closet with room to spare, shelves are a great way to keep your shoes and other items away from the main area of your bedroom. Also, it helps to organize everything, which can be especially helpful if you’re in a rush going to work or school. If you don’t have a spacious closet, or don’t have a closet at all, having storage bins or baskets that fit under your bed is another great way to keep shoes, toys and other items from being all over the place. And a dresser or an armoire is a classic essential to have in your room for storage.
Now that your room is more open, it’s time to tackle the decor. It’s always important to have not only a wide variety of bedding, but bedding fabrics. Since we’re mainly focused on spring and summer weather, it’s best to have bedding in a cool fabric like Bamboo. If Bamboo is not your preference, or you want to change it up, Cotton Percale is another great choice. Both are great Benefits Of Organic Gardening fabrics because they keep you cool during the warm summer nights, you have a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from, and you don’t have to cope with pilling. If you don’t know what pilling is, it’s a group of dreaded bumpy cotton balls that make you feel like you’re sleeping in a sandbox. They can be found on Cotton Sateen fabric, or anything else containing Polyester.
So you’ve cleaned up everything that’s been cluttering your room and you’ve got the perfect bedding fabric for warm weather, now what? Pick your bedding! The way you dress your bed makes a huge impact in your room’s appearance. If you want to liven up your room, fun vibrant colors and prints are always the way to go. But most importantly, choose colors and prints that best House Wallpaper Design represent your style. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. If you’re eying a certain style for your bed, don’t think about whether it’s deemed too masculine or feminine for you. If you choose bedding without thinking about labels or who it’s geared towards, you give yourself even more options to choose from, and you could have the most unique room in the house!

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