Unique Gifts for After the Holidays

Many people get money for Christmas or return presents and get a refund. If this happens to you buy yourself something nice with this money rather than use it for spending money. After all, someone wanted you to have a gift that you liked. If you received all the clothes and electronics that you want then get a unique gift.
What makes something unique? There is no single standard. It may be something that is rare. It may be something that is unusual looking or it may be something that just has some intangible factor that keeps it out of the mainstream. Something that seems to be commonplace can be unique. For example, bookends are not uncommon but brass bookends are. The manufacturing process for brass bookends has become too expensive so only a handful of companies make them anymore. They are somewhat of a throwback.
Gothic design is considered to be unique. Gargoyles and dragons are a mainstay of Gothic design. Obviously not everyone will find Gothic styling to be to their liking, but this is precisely what makes it unique. Gargoyles and dragons can add a touch of the unusual or even the eccentric to home decor. They will not fit in with any home decor scheme unless your entire house is of Gothic design. However, that is the point. They will stick out. If you want a quick conversation starter, throw a few gargoyles around your house. In fact, just one will do.
There are a number of different types of gargoyle statues. Some depict funny looking gargoyles and others depict scary looking gargoyles. The irony Organic Gardening Magazine of the scary gargoyle is that originally gargoyles were thought to keep away evil spirits that were even scarier looking than they were.
Many gargoyle and dragon statues are designed by talented artists who specialize in the area. They are not limited to only statuary pieces. Imaginative artists have incorporated them into clocks, lamps and even three dimensional wall decor. Of course there are paintings of them, but these are more common. One of the most iconic and replicated pieces of religious art is St. George Slaying the Dragon.
Despite the unusual looks, there is something charming about gargoyles. You will have to make up your own mind about dragons.
Keeping with things that are not real, fairies are also unique. Unlike the poor gargoyles and dragons, artisans go out of their way to make fairies beautiful. Many fairies are made out of stained glass or hand painted resin. Perhaps because of their looks no one seriously debates the existence of gargoyles and dragons. That is not the case with fairies. As in Peter Pan there are people who believe in fairies. In fact in 1920 two photographs from a set of five were published which showed fairies with butterfly-like wings interacting with a woman. “The Fairies of Cottingley Glen,” as the photographs came to be known, were taken in 1917 and immediately triggered a debate among believers and detractors. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous author of the Sherlock Holmes thrillers, was convinced of the authenticity of the photographs and even wrote a book, “The Coming of the Fairies,” to chronicle them.
The main problem with unique or unusual gifts or decor is finding them. By definition they are not easy to find. You will not find gargoyles, Balcony Ideas India dragons and fairies in most department stores. It’s doubtful that Walmart has any (but who knows). Online shopping can help here.

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