Unique Home Decor Trumps Photo Radar

Photo Radar is the work of unseen evil forces. There you are happily driving down a street or a highway and all of a sudden you get jolted by this bright flash of light. Maybe you were speeding some, but now your day is ruined. You spend the next several Planters Choice Bonsai Starter Kit minutes wondering if you will be getting a ticket in the mail with some outrageous fine. If you were going to a “happy” destination you are no longer happy about that. All you can think of is that flash of light and how much it may cost you.
It is not a bad thing to catch speeders but photo radar has its flaws. In many places the posted speed limit is only presumptive. So if it says 45 MPH that doesn’t mean that you are speeding if you are going 50 MPH and it might mean that you are speeding if you are going 45 MPH. If the posted speed limit is only presumptive, then the real speed limit is what is safe and prudent under Cost Of Planting A Garden the circumstances. If it is a clear day and you are driving on a divided road with little traffic in either direction then maybe 55 MPH is reasonable even if the posted speed limit is 45 MPH. On the other hand if it is snowing out, visibility is poor and there is a lot of traffic, the posted speed limit of 45 MPH may not be prudent so you could get a ticket for driving at that rate.
Even if the posted speed limit is only presumptive photo radar still gives you a ticket no matter what the road conditions are. It cannot make judgments. If you go to court to contest the ticket obviously you cannot cross- examine the photo radar camera. They are notoriously tight-lipped. Ask it as many questions as you like, but you will never get an answer. So you have to tell the judge how nice it was that day and how you weren’t driving 70 MPH through a residential zone. But all too often revenue rules the day. Those fines from speeding tickets provide a lot of money to the city or county and judges know that.
There is something that you can do to soften the blow of a photo radar ticket and that is to have unique home decor in your house (and outside too). Here’s how it works: You leave for work in the morning all excited about your upcoming day. You put in a full day’s work and accomplish lots of things. You’re on your way home looking forward to some down time and then out of nowhere that flash of light hits. Now you’re not so happy anymore. In fact, you might be downright angry. But if you have great home decor, all of that anger and frustration will melt away as soon as you walk into your house. You will be surrounded with classic statues, imaginative mirrors, unique clocks, art deco candle holders and decorative vases. Suddenly being home creates a sense of euphoria. You are looking at your world of artistic creations and the photo radar can’t hurt you anymore. If that doesn’t work take one of your hand cast heavy brass bookends and throw it at the wall.

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