What Your Home Decor and American Idol Have in Common

Whether you watch the popular Fox television hit reality show American Idol or just hear your local radio personalities talk about it each week, it is hard not to be intrigued. As excitement grows with each new season, Garage Door Makeover Ideas you will find that celebrity judges have basic criticisms that are repeated over and over: “You have to know who you are as an artist” and “Take the song and make it your own”. The same is true with your home decor.
1) Know Your Personal Style
Is your room a mixture of several styles of hand me downs, family heirlooms and pieces you have collected over time? Is the space not quite you? Edit down. How do you want your space to feel? Energetic? Comforting? Romantic? Try to keep or add pieces that make you feel good and echoes this mood. Remember, however, there is a point where too much stuff becomes clutter. It is better to have empty space than something that does not match the feeling you want to create in your space. If you have a lot of items you wish to display, store some and rotate them periodically to keep the space fresh and interesting. On American Idol the judges often tell contestants that if you do not know who you are as an artist you will only confuse the public and they will not buy your records. Similarly, once you create a personal space that you feel good in, your guests will inherently be drawn in and feel welcome.
2) Make it Indoor Garden Design In India Your Own
We can all find a furniture showcase or decorating magazine spread that we would like to re-create in our own space. And it is easy at places such as Rooms to Go to simply “buy a room”. But without injecting your personality here and there, the end result will seem cold and lackluster. Singers who do this on American Idol are labeled as bad lounge or karaoke singers. It is hard to be completely original, so take something you have seen elsewhere and change it up slightly; put your personal spin on it.
To quote Idol judge Simon Cowell’s preamble… “Here’s The Thing”: If you need help, make sure you choose a professional consultant that listens to your opinions, takes time to understand you and is willing to incorporate this into the designs. Whether it is an interior designer, drapery consultant, flooring expert or even a custom picture framer, ultimately it is your space and it needs to reflect your personality and how you want to feel in that space.
Know your personal style and make it your own. Achieve this and you will feel like a winner on American Idol.

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