Why Home Remodelling Is Not the Only Way to Get a Bigger Bathroom

A spacious bathroom is something that many homeowners dream of. Indeed, you may have experienced your own bathroom envy after visiting a friend’s house and admiring their freestanding bath or generous floor space.
And you would not be alone – it is generally believed that along with the kitchen, the bathroom can make the biggest impression on whether a potential buyer is going to place an offer on your property.
However, if you are cursed with a pokey washroom, you may feel as though there is no scope for you to make it your home’s main attraction.
But this is where you are wrong – indeed there are plenty of options available to you if you are looking to create more space. For example, if you have a dividing partition wall separating your toilet from the adjacent bathroom, then it will not be too great a job if you call in the builders. Recommended tradesmen could safely and efficiently have the wall down for you within a day at an affordable price, leaving you to enjoy the increased floor room.
If this is not an option, you could consider a more serious home remodelling project. If you have a good-sized guest room that is not being used then it may be possible to How To Get A New Roof For Free turn it into a bathroom. Alternatively, you could consider a first-floor extension to create the space in which to have a new bathroom installed – such as over the garage.
Before you go ahead with such a scheme, however, it is vital that you find out if you need planning permission for the work. You should also talk to qualified plumbers as it is likely the work will not be suitable to be carried out by amateurs. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure you get a good end result, without having to worry about the whole lot needing to be ripped out and replaced.
However, if none of these options are suitable for you, worry not – there are still plenty of ways to inject your bathroom with some space, without having to tear down the walls.
One of the most effective means of making something roomier is to clear the floor space. This can be best achieved by removing any unnecessary free standing furniture – such as a large vanity cupboard – and replacing it with wall-mounted shelving or units. Towels could be hung from a heated rack, while any ornaments could be placed at eye level on a shelf, helping to create a focal point in the room.
Removing the laundry basket and clearing the windowsill of clutter could also make a big difference. Once you have cleared the floor, you will be surprised at how much bigger your bathroom will already feel.
Your next step should be to pick out a colour scheme. Make sure you avoid any dark shades such as brown, deep red and especially black and instead select Landscaping Rates Per Hour bright, airy and cool shades. Pastels, citrus colours and white will all help to add a feeling of both spaciousness and tranquillity to your bathroom.
When you apply the paint to the surfaces of your bathroom, one trick is to choose a colour that is a few shades lighter for the ceiling, as this will make it appear higher. Choosing a darker tone for the floor will boost this feeling of height.
Once the paint is dry you could add to the illusion of space by fixing a large mirror, while polished white tiles will also help to reflect the light and make the room look larger. You could also consider using a clear, glass shower screen, rather than a curtain, as this will ensure no part of the room is sectioned off.
Allowing as much natural lighting into your bathroom as possible is vital, while you should carefully plan out your artificial lighting to ensure it helps add to the relaxing mood you have created. A sky light can make it seems as though the ceiling is significantly higher than it is, while also letting in plenty of sunshine. Another benefit is being able to take a relaxing bath at night and looking up to see the stars.
Once you have followed these steps, even you may be tricked into thinking your bathroom has just expanded a few inches!

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