Wing Chair Adds Character to Homes

A wing chair is a type of chair with an extended back and larger-than-average armrests. It has the distinction of a wing-like feature that partly encloses the head and upper body. This provides a bit of warmth during cold days.
While we may only be familiar with this type of chair from what we’ve seen in old period movies, chairs of this kind can actually be found in most homes, particularly those with interiors done in a somewhat old-world theme.
Set beside a fireplace, or behind an antique desk; this chair definitely adds a certain character to our homes. It also creates a more subdued ambience to any room.
Reviving a Worn Chair
A wing chair is made from special upholstery usually of velvet or damask material; but these can also come in Simple Home Design Ideas leather and silk. The upholstery alone can already tell us that this chair not something we should mess with.
It has a certain kind of elegance not found in any other chair. It is a statement all on its own. While these chairs can last us a long time, sometimes they can get damaged if we frequently move it around or if it has been passed on from one owner to the next and the next.
Before we even think about discarding this majestic chair, we may just find the right solution in making it look brand new again through re-upholstering. We can actually have it re-upholstered in a specific design that will perfectly match the current look of our living room or study – places where this chair is usually put.
We can have it professionally done or we can take on the project ourselves. There are instructional materials on the internet that would help us with re-upholstering this type of chair.
Old Chair, Contemporary Home Plans New Look
On the other hand, if we simply want to change the design of the chair’s upholstery and we really don’t need to re-upholster it just yet, we can always turn to reliable slipcovers to give our old wing chair a new look.
But unlike with re-upholstering the chair, putting slipcovers on the chair is easier and is more convenient since we need only slip it on and off the chair any time we wish to.
If we want to give it a new look every so often, we can always do so with the right wing chair slipcover. There are ready-made covers for this type of chair or we can have one custom-made, and even make it ourselves if we want to.
A chair cover can also help preserve the look of the chair and prevent it from getting damaged especially if we have young children playing around the house all the time.
If we haven’t got this type of chair but would love to have one at an affordable cost, we cold try checking the internet for suppliers and resellers of this type of chair. We can even get tips on how to incorporate this chair into the design of our house so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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